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BizRate Circle of Excellence Recognized Site
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BizRate Customer Certified (GOLD) Site

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Comedy & Tragedy Necklace
Comedy & Tragedy Necklace Image
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Product Code:  PST403

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Six comedy & tragedy faces adorn the sides of this 40" hand-strung necklace.
The necklace consists of six hand-painted polystone comedy faces in purple, green & gold (2 each). The polystones are strung in-line with 12mm white pearl beads and 7mm PGG metallic beads.
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Happy Jester Necklace Happy Jester Necklace
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7.5mm 33" Crawfish Beads (12) 7.5mm 33" Crawfish Beads (12)
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A pack of one dozen metallic red 7.5mm round 33" necklaces, each with a 2" crawfish medallion.
Feathered Mask Lady Necklace Feathered Mask Lady Necklace
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A lady face masquerades behind her festive Mardi Gras feathered mask. The medallion hangs from a 33" strand of 12mm gold beads.
Collared Jester Lady Necklace Collared Jester Lady Necklace
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Jester Lady Necklace Jester Lady Necklace
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A 38" handstrung necklace with a hand-painted polyresin medallion depicting a female jester.
Jester Coin Beads (12) Jester Coin Beads (12)
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Buy a dozen of these necklaces for one low price! 7mm 33" metallic purple, green and gold necklaces, each with a 1.5" round medal... (more)
Fleur de Lis and Balls Necklace Fleur de Lis and Balls Necklace
$3.50 In stock!
A strand of six large fleur de lis and 5 round balls in metallic purple, green and gold.
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